Tipping Your Movers

A lot of faith is put into professional movers by consumers and a good professional mover is invaluable. You are trusting the mover to take your possessions and load them onto a truck. They are giving you a good service and it is proper etiquette to tip them as you would a good waitress, waiter, or hairdresser. Of course, the tip should be based on job performance, a bad attitude and a bad job performance is not worthy of a tip but a moving professional who is attentive, helpful, and professional should be given a fair tip.

Many times professional movers did not expect tips but they always appreciate a good tip as it is a sign that their efforts are appreciated.

Some common courtesy gestures for your movers:

Moving is hard, back breaking work. Keeps bottled water, soda, or sports drinks around and offer them to your movers.

If you would be comfortable doing so, you could offer to buy your movers lunch as part of the tip and also as a courtesy.

How Much To Tip?

Tipping a mover is not based on percentages the way tipping a waitress or waiter is. Here are some basic guidelines to follow that are considered appropriate tips for good work…

An appropriate tip for a half day move ( 4 hours) is $10 per person.

A full day move (8hours) is $20 per person.

If the moving crew spends most of the day getting your belongings packed and ready, a $40 tip person is appropriate.

Make sure you give each mover the cash tip individually in person.


Emergencies And Moving Containers

Moving containers were originally designed for helping people move from one home to another but they have become a critically important solution for other situations such as people trying to salvage what is left of their belongings in the aftermath of a weather-related catastrophe so they will remain safe and avoid further damage.

Moving containers are also used by government agencies for delivering food and supplies to disaster victims. Sometimes these containers are used as a makeshift health clinic or as a way to get fresh food and water to the people affected.

The following is one reason a moving container is the perfect solution for personal emergency use….

Moving containers can be a lifesaver not only for a large-scale disaster but also for any individual, family, or business that may have experience an isolated incident such as a fire, flood damage, or even tree damage. In these situations having a secure place to store your belongings and protect them from additional damage is critical.

A moving container is also the perfect place to store furniture in a house is being fumigated or renovated.


Besides offering you the best solution for moving, moving containers have become a life-saving and life salvaging solution for people trying to recover from some type of disaster.


A Moving Container Or A Truck?

Figuring out what the exact cost of your move will be can be very challenging but using moving containers instead of renting a truck are trying to do everything on your own can make things easier and also save you money.

The following are two big advantages moving containers will give you over renting a truck or doing everything yourself.

  1. Moving Costs Are Less Using Containers:

The quote a moving container company gives you for their service is the exact amount you’ll have to pay. This eliminates hidden costs that can be incurred by renting a truck.

Most moving container companies include the following services” they give you….

Any costs associated with transporting the container is included, things like fuel, parking, any tolls, etc.

Delivery and pickup of the container is also included.

Professional packing and assistance with loading if necessary.

If necessary, storing the container.

Most all container companies will allow you a full month or more for packing and loading up the container and if you need additional time, you will know what the exact costs will be before accepting the agreement.

  1. No Unkown Or Hidden Expenses:

If you rent a moving truck, there can be many hidden costs incurred that will make your move much more expensive than you planned it to be.

For one thing, you will have to buy gas for the truck plus you are going to have to be dealing with strict time restrictions. If you don’t have the truck back by the agreed time you will have to pay a significant late fee. There are also mileage restrictions.

Here are some other hidden expenses that can come with renting a one-way moving truck:

Insurance expenses

Towing charges


Meals and accommodations for the helpers.


Moving your belongings with a portable moving container company will help you keep complete control over your costs. You pay for what you get and nothing more or less.


Moving Containers Are Easier

Moving containers are the perfect portable storage solution for eliminating much of the work usually associated with moving. The following are six of the main reasons why…..

1. Easy To Load And Store:

Moving containers are much easier and safer than moving trucks.

2. Cost Effective:

A moving container will cost you much less than a professional moving company or a moving truck. Some moving container companies have professionals that will pack your container for a minimum fee.

3. Flexibility:

there are several different sized moving containers available to you. This fmore freedom for choosing the ideal size for your unique needs. You can move as much as you need without having to pay extra fees a moving company would normally charge you.

4. Security:

A moving container can be dropped off right at your new home and you are the only person with the key to open the container. All you have to do is unlock the moving container at your new home and unloaded it.

5. Safe Delivery:

Your container can be picked up by a moving truck with a specialized lift that keeps the shifting and jostling of your items inside to an absolute minimum.

6. Delivery Options:

It is much easier to move your things cross country with a moving container that with a moving company.


Making Packing Easy

Packing your boxes will be much easier if you follow the simple tips listed below:

Use High Quality packing Materials:

If you use sturdy and storage and packing boxes, good packing tape, bubble wrap, along with packing peanuts, you will come out ahead in the long run.  Much of these items can be purchased inexpensively from shipping companies or a local moving company and you can find sturdy boxes for free at wholesale companies. Wadded up old newspapers, pillows, and blankets also make great padding or your packing needs.

One Room At A Time:

Make sure you label each box with the contents inside of it along with which room it goes into. Put your labels on the top or the side of the box to make reading and sorting out things easier. Also, label any box with breakables inside as fragile. Always keep a detailed list of what is in each box to make unpacking much quicker and easier.

Empty Your Drawers:

Take every breakable or spill items you can out of your drawers to avoid needless damage and it is also a good idea to put things like furniture knobs, screws, etc in a separate box so they won’t get lost.

Avoid Packing Flammables:

If possible, you should always avoid packing any items that are heat sensitive like audio and video tapes, computer discs, aerosol cans, and some cleaning fluids. You do not want to deal with a fire disaster during your move.

Wrap Things Individually

Always put a layer of crushed paper in the bottom of each carton for cushioning and fill any empty spaces with crushed paper to avoid damage.

Packing Firm:

Make sure each item is packed firmly into its carton or box had always put the heavier things on the bottom and the lighter things on the top.

Last Loaded:

Make sure all the items you will be needing first are the last loaded into the truck so you can get to them quicker and easier.

Use Common Sense:

When you load your truck always consider the size, sturdiness, and the weight of your boxes.

Always Plan Ahead:

Always consider what you will need the first day after you move. Pack a separate bag full of things like toiletries and a change of clothes.

Weekdays Are Better

If possible, it is better to plan your move a weekday. Banks and utility offices along with government offices will all be open on weekdays.